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Mushy peas are a power house of goodness with the following benefits

No added preservatives

Good for us, being natural,
  wholesome, and additive-free

Low in salt & fat

It's important to cut down on fat
and keep a health heart

Source of fibre & protein

Fibre is key to the processes we use
to eliminate waste and toxins

Mushy Pea Curry. Slimming World

I love mushy pea curry, it's a favourite in my house!! I sometimes add chicken or beef, very tasty.

“I love mushy peas and have always wanted to find a recipe for them apart from eating them with a roast i will defo try this thank you for the upload.”

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“Mushy peas are one of my faves. I love a grilled lamb tenderloin served with rosemary jus & mushy peas.”

BakeandBloom, A satisfied customer